Saturday, February 16, 2008

Yeah Baby

It's more funky than it's crackly honey.

Detroit Emeralds - 'Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms)' (1972)


  1. According to Wikipedia James Mitchell from the Detroit Emeralds was a founder member of the Floaters but he's conspicuously absent from this

  2. Ah vinyl boy. Bet you've been in the loft all bleeding' day again aint ya? Boxes and boxes of dusty records amidst the Christmas decs and old copies of Devon Railways Monthly.
    Forgot the time, banged your head a couple of times and that insulation lagging stuff gets everywhere.
    Those jobs around the 'ouse won't get done by themselves you know ....

  3. and you've got a loft. a loft god dammit. makes dick's shed look a bit more shabby now. you'll be doing it up like a ship next - bits of netting and portholes...just you wait

  4. and now look what you've made me go and do over my gaff - and i was getting better honest i was...

  5. What larks. I had a lot of trouble getting in and out if you must know because most of the 'loft' is now our girlies' bedroom (no netting) and the only bit left for the mallarkey Dick quite accurately describes is under the eaves at the front and accessible via a small set of doors that a munchkin might find it 'cramped' to enter. But in I went, squirming into the very small gap between the eldest girlie's bed and this, trampling Barbies and soft toys and cussing like there's no tomorrow and then I find Mrs H. has shoved the LPs off to the bloody right and there's a bleeding baby's bloody bassinet on top and YES. I DID BANG MY HEAD.

    I would rather take my chances with Dick's ale-filled shed any day.

    The wife's got a Be Bop Deluxe LP up there though Mick, I did discover.


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