Monday, February 18, 2008

On The Ninetieth Floor

There has been a quite spectacular sunset over South West London tonight but sadly the view from my window is not quite up to this one (I can see into him behind's kitchen mind) .

I've really been enjoying this song though, from 1990's Red, Hot + Blue AIDS benefit compilation of 'contemporary artists performing classic Cole Porter songs'.

I think what I like about this is 1) it's not such a famous Cole Porter song that it's been played and covered to death 2) it has the sheen, wit and inner core of heartbreak (c) of his very best work and 3) La Stansfield does it with a big band - boy am I a sucker for a big band.

Since I ripped this the other day I haven't been able to get it out of my head (I even dreamt it last night, but then I was somewhat the worse for the Macon Villages) so in my time honoured fashion with such things, I am determined to share it now with you.

Lisa Stansfield - 'Down In The Depths (On The Ninetieth Floor)' (1990)


POSTSCRIPT : As an added bonus, here's the smoky blue Blossom Dearie version (instrumental) available on this.

Blossom Dearie - 'Down In The Depths (On The Ninetieth Floor)' (1954)


  1. cor blimey and i thought my view was good (although centrepoint and the post office tower would look gorgeous anywhere) and you know i'm a sucker for an inner core of heartbreak. and a big band. and most especially records called the adorable....pretty much anyone.

  2. I think that pic may have been taken from an airybuzzer, but we don't have to believe that if we don't want to x


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